2017 Winter Retreat Survey

Please let us know about your experience! We hope to gain some insights into making the retreat experience as seamless as possible.

Join us July 7-9th 2017 for our Summer Retreat at Mary & Joseph Retreat Center in R. Palos Verdes!

Thoughts on the Program *
Did you receive enough instruction and guidance?
If not, why?
Teacher interviews, instruction quality, LBM retreat staff, etc.
Considering that much of the fees go towards Vina de Lestonnac, were the fees affordable?
What best describes your method of getting to the retreat center?
Would you be interested in a Carpool?
Considering the weather we were lucky, but if anyone is interested for next time...
We've been doing 4-day retreats, what do you think?
Join our 3-day Summer Retreat, July 7-9
Are you interested in our 3-day retreat in Rancho Palos Verdes?
Join us again in 2018 for MLK weekend in Temecula!
Are you interested in joining us next year?
Can you share some comments on your accommodations, food, parking, conference room, bathrooms, facilities in general, etc.
Would you provide an anonymous account of your experience for us to share with other interested meditators?