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  • LA Dharma - Meditation instruction, Therevada study groups and guest teachers in Southern California, founded by Michael Shiffman. Root teacher Rev. Hye Wol Sunim.
  • The Laughing Buddha Sangha –Santa Monica sangha guided by Akasa Levi. Weekly Vipassana Meditation and Anatta-Dharma inquiry & study - an iconoclastic, more maverick-spirited practice. Also a big resource-site of learning-quotes & study.
  • Don’t Worry Zendo - An informal, friendly and non-sectarian meditation and spiritual study group. Michael Attie, the founder and teacher, has been a student of Zen, Vipasssana and Advaita Vedanta for over forty years.
  • Hazy Moon Zen Center - Los Angeles sangha led by Nyogen Roshi
  • Urban Dharma - Online Dharma talks, teachings, articles and excellent resources. American monk Rev. Kusala leads in Koreatown.
  • Zen Center Los Angeles - Roshi Wendy Egyoko. We love Zen too! 
  • Insight LA - Weekly sits, retreats and classes. 
  • Spirit Rock - Buddhist Study and Retreat Center in Northern California.
  • Insight Meditation Society - Buddhist studies and retreats.
  • Inner Directions - Publications and information about Advaita.
  • Adyashanti - Open Gate Sangha. Dharma Teacher merges Advaita and Zen.
  • Shinzen Young - Vipassana Support Institute. Victor has attended many Shinzen retreats and highly recommends this website.
  • Buddhist Peace Fellowship - Founded by Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Buddhism Connect - Email subscription to teachings on Buddhism and Buddhist meditation.
  • Los Angeles and Orange County Dharma Centers and Sitting Groups in the Tibetan Buddhist & Theravada Buddhist Traditions– an excellent resource, compiled by LBM member Sam Mieske 
  • Metta Meditation at the Arcadia Zendo – sits and one day retreats with noted teachers. Guiding teacher is Jim Hopper at (818)640-2539 or email

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  • A selection of meditation retreat centers within a day’s drive of Southern California that offer both directed and personal or self-directed retreat experiences.

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