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2017 Summer Retreat

  • Mary & Joseph Retreat Center 5300 Crest Road Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, 90275 United States (map)

2017 Summer Retreat - Resting In Serenity

A priceless opportunity to experience a classic Vipassana retreat under the guidance of our teacher, Dr. Victor Byrd.

We gently move through the day from sitting to walking meditation, eating, yoga, resting, falling asleep and waking up, all within a container of silence. The Mary & Joseph Retreat Center in Rancho Palos Verdes provides an ideal environment for our practice!

Resting in Serenity

In today’s incredibly fast-paced age, “rest” seems only possible when the mind finally falls into sleep at night, ending for a few blessed hours its incessant need to think, plan and worry.

The Buddha taught a simple, beautiful antidote for the stress that inevitably comes from our pressure-packed lives. We simply teach the mind to let go and focus.

Invariably, if we can do that, the mind begins to rest and become tranquil. This is the Buddha’s path of resting in serenity. The primary practice is anapanasati or mindfulness of breathing.

Jung said that the simplest things are always the most difficult. We will devote the weekend retreat to learning how to practice this “simple" thing of letting go, learning how to focus and resting in serenity. Hopefully what we learn will stay with us long after.

-Dr. Victor Byrd

The retreat includes on-going instruction in Vipassana meditation technique as well as daily dharma talks that focus on applying meditation to our daily lives. You are welcome to join us regardless of your level of experience in meditation practices. We break silence Sunday morning with a talking circle followed by brunch.

Pricing (includes room, food and tuition)

Single $500 | Double $400 | All-Day Saturday $125

Installment plans available, just ask! Not sure? Email us to be added to our wait-list.

On-site registration opens Friday at 2:00 pm
Retreat ends Sunday at 11:00 am

Payment (registration is now closed) 

Other Amount - Installments or custom amounts may be submitted here:

To complete your registration, please submit the Retreat Registration form.

Registration Confirmation
You will receive an automated confirmation of fee payment from Paypal. LBM will send a personal confirmation within a few days of receiving your payment and Retreat Registration form.

Cancellations prior to June 10th will be refunded in full less a $25.00 administration fee. Cancellations after June 10th will be refunded in full less the administration fee, unless we are unable to fill your slot. In this event, you will be refunded your deposit less a cancellation fee of $275.00. If you do not cancel you are liable for the entire cost.

Financial Assistance
We want everyone who is drawn to this experience of silence to join us. We may be able to offer partial scholarships for this retreat. If you need financial assistance, please email us.


Single Room Reservation: The single room has one or two beds and a private bathroom. You will not have a roommate. Linens and towels are provided. All meals are included. The cost of a single room will be $500.

Double Room Reservation: The double room has two beds and a private bathroom. You will have a roommate. Linens and towels are provided. All meals are included. Please indicate "roommate preference" if you have one on the Retreat Registration form. If you don't have a preference, we will match gender. The cost for a double room will be $400.

Commuter Option: On Saturday we offer the option to join us for the day as a commuter. Includes 3 meals and attendance at the meditation retreat with the group. We ask for $125 for the day.

Meals: The meals are vegetarian. If you have special dietary needs, please let us know.


1. Pay online using the Paypal link on this page, check or cash.

2. Submit the Retreat Registration form.


For more information, please contact the the Manager at (562) 606-0643 or

More details can also be found in the required Registration Form.


Everyone is welcome to join this silent retreat. It includes sitting and walking meditation, yoga, eating meditation, daily dharma talks and serves as a genuine container for personal growth. Each day’s practice concludes with metta chant (the practice of loving-kindness). During the retreat, ongoing Vipassana meditation guidance is provided making it appropriate for all levels of experience. Our mission at LBM is to support one another’s journey from the unreal to the real, and this is an opportunity to truly experience this support within the structure of a retreat.

This 3-day retreat will give you an opportunity to experience mindfulness (sati) and concentration (samadhi) in a seamless flow from Friday afternoon until we break Noble Silence with brunch Sunday morning. Free from the distractions of daily life, you will be able to direct your attention inward, watching your thoughts, feelings and sensations from morning to night, going to sleep in mindfulness and waking up in mindfulness.