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Awake in the World: Freedom From Views

  • Long Beach Meditation 5100 East The Toledo Long Beach, CA, 90803 United States (map)

Led By Community Dharma Leader Franz Manfredi

In the earliest recorded teachings, The Buddha often refers to the negative effect of attachment to fixed views, dogmatic opinions, or even correct views not confirmed by personal experience and only accepted on faith. In describing the intellectual landscape around him, he warned against "the wrangling of views, the jungle, the impassable thicket of views" contained in the metaphysical and religious thought of his day.

In several teachings the Buddha states that he himself has no fixed viewpoint at all and is therefore able to respond with total freedom to every moment as it arises.

Can we live a life of meaning in keeping with our highest values if we have no fixed views?

Can we contribute to the world around us and work towards justice without clarity and dedication to our views and ideals?

We will begin the class with a guided and silent mindfulness meditation followed by a discussion on the collected teachings from the Buddha and later teachers. We will conclude with time for questions and a closing meditation.

The goal of the “Awake in the World” program is to learn to wholeheartedly experience the challenge and beauty of everyday life through the art of meditation.

This workshop is suitable for meditators of all levels.

Refunds are available up to 24 hours before the course.

Teacher Franz Manfredi

Franz Manfredi Beach photo.jpg

Franz Manfredi is a Community Dharma Leader at Long Beach Meditation whose passion is to share the teachings of the historical Buddha to share the blessings they have created in his own life. He spent his youth studying and practicing Hindu meditation and philosophy, which included several pilgrimages to Bengal, India (where he received tantric initiation and instruction in the Dakshina Kali tradition), and Vrindavan, India (where he received Vaishnava initiation and Mantra meditation instruction). After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in World Music performance (India/Indonesia), Franz started a family in Long Beach where he and his sons live today. For the past five years Franz has made an in-depth study of Early Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation rooted in Theravada Buddhism guided by the teachings of Gil Fronsdal.