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Dharma Study Session: The Three Characteristics of Existence +1 (Nirvana)

  • Long Beach Meditation 5100 East The Toledo Long Beach, CA, 90803 United States (map)

Led by Community Dharma Leader Jampa Kalsang

One of the most famous teachings of early Buddhism is that all beings are fundamentally characterized by The Three Characteristics of Existence: Annica (Impermanence), Dhukka (Suffering), and Anatta (No-Self).

The Buddha defined these three main characteristics of existence as impermanence, suffering, and of no-self. In the Mahayana tradition, there is an additional characteristic, or seal: “Nirvana is peace”, or “Nirvana is beyond concepts”.

Join us as we explore this important and fundamental teaching in all schools of Buddhism.

This Dharma Study Session will include:

  • Opening sitting meditation

  • An overview of the Three Characteristics of Existence +1 (Nirvana)

  • How do we integrate and actualize these teachings into our everyday lives?

  • Q & A and group discussion will follow each presentation

  • Closing sitting meditation

As part of LBM’s foundational teachings series, this class will be Dharma study focused with time for brief sitting meditation at the beginning and end. This class will be complemented by a morning of meditation practice based on this class and offered by Guiding Teacher Jokai Blackwell Sensei on November 17. To gain the most benefit, it is recommended to attend the meditation practice class two weeks after this Dharma study session.

This workshop is suitable for meditators of all levels.


Refunds are available up to 24 hours before the course.

Jampa Kalsang


Jampa Kalsang encountered the Dharma in 1994. In early 2005 he found his practice at the Pasadena Bodhi Path center under the guidance of teacher, Lama Khaydroup, and formally began his intensive studies and practice in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.