LBM's Latest Mission & Vision statement

Mission Statement


It is the mission of Long Beach Meditation to provide a safe, nurturing place to learn and practice the healing art of meditation. We provide the profound teachings and practices that align with Buddha's path to awakening. Although we emphasize mindfulness practice and the teachings of the Buddha, we do not espouse or reject any religion.


Vision Statement

Our vision is that by 2019, Long Beach Meditation will offer classes five days a week in order to increase levels of peace, well-being, and compassion for hundreds of people that live, work, and visit in the Greater Long Beach community. We gather feedback about our programs to ensure that they are meaningful and valuable to our guests. We are dedicated to teaching and promoting meditation, the Dharma, and mindfulness practice, while emphasizing unity, diversity, and creating a space for community.


Our Values

  • We are peaceful
  • We are accessible - classes and programs are affordable or free and available to everyone.
  • We are mindful - we strive to live the teachings in all interactions and in our engagement with the world.
  • We are diverse - our staff, board, guests, and community reflects the diversity of thought, demographics, race, and background of our broader community.
  • We are compassionate
  • We are transparent - we rely on the generosity of our sponsors and donors for funds to make classes and programs available to those who cannot afford them.
  • We are inclusive - we welcome everyone without exception and work to create a community of welcoming kindness.
  • We are community-oriented - our impact reaches beyond our programs through community engagement strategies that improve our neighborhood.