Annual Message from the Board of Directors

“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins; not through strength, but through perseverance.” -Buddha

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dear Long Beach Meditation members and colleagues,

Thank you for being a valued member of LBM’s sangha. On behalf of Long Beach Meditation’s board of directors, we want to wish each of you and yours a most belated happy, healthy, and peaceful 2017.
The purpose of this message is to provide you with an Annual Message on what’s happening within our sangha.
In keeping with our mission of providing a “safe, nurturing place to learn and practice the healing art of meditation,” LBM has created a Teacher’s Council to expand and strengthen our offerings and capabilities. The Council will be comprised of Dharma experts who will lead sits, Dharma talks/courses, retreats, and events throughout the year.

Mindfulness meditation classes continue monthly along with a new Corporate Mindfulness Program. Several retreats are in process of being scheduled such as the Summer July Retreat to be lead by LBM’s founder Dr. Victor Byrd. A calendar of events is on LBM’s website
You are invited and encouraged to participate in LBM’s newly developed “Volunteer Program.” Programs include Guest-Relations and welcoming committee, fundraising volunteers, administrative functions i.e. librarian, community service, marketing and communications, and becoming a Board Member.  We need you and your expertise to contribute to the future of the sangha by becoming involved at all levels.
Thank you for your continued generosity. Your financial support as donors and sustaining members enables LBM to operate as a viable non-profit organization and pays for such necessary items as rent, staff, lights/heat, teacher’s stipend, and operational expenses.
We invite you to continue to enjoy an enriched experience within LBM. Guided meditations, Dharma talks, meditation classes, half day and all day retreats in our beautiful meditation hall, winter and summer weekend retreats, yoga, and Corporate Mindfulness Programs. The goal of LBM is to promote harmony and personal growth in a setting of calm and devotion. So come often, and bring a friend!
With gratitude,

LBM’s Volunteer Board of Directors/Operations Manager

Dr. Victor Byrd - Guiding Teacher
Andrea Savee - Secretary
Mark Kramer - Chief Financial Officer
Jane Broadwell - Teachers Council
JeneneKoehler - Treasurer
Rosamaria Segura - Strategic Planning
Edward Escarsega - Marketing
Don Carkeek - Board Chair
Daisy Pizanan - Volunteer Program
Travis Ott-Conn - Operations Manager